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Tea Info

Teas from Wuyishan can be easily appreciated, but they do not just exist on their own. They are a product of a cultural legacy existing in region of interesting and beautiful ecology. I think that knowing more about the types of tea, specific locations, and methods of production can further the experience.

This page is a directory to information about Wuyi teas. Entries without a link are planned but have not been created yet. Send me a message if you are interested in one, and I will prioritize it.

Cultivar Specific Information


Tea Production

  • Growing
  • Processing
  • Roasting
  • Selection

Tourism in Wuyishan

  • Bamboo Boats
  • Shopping
  • Hiking in Zhengyan Area
  • Temple
  • Show: Impressions Da Hong Pao

General Tea Topics


An important black tea producing village Masu in the mountains above Tongmu.
A Bai Jiguan field can be a striking sight.