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Traveling to Wuyishan to spend time with family and try tea.
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Tea is unique in the world of fine beverages in that a huge part of the product quality is left up to the consumer. The quality of the tea in the cup depends on the dry leaf, the water, the brewing implements, and the skill of the person preparing the tea. The water directly affects the color, aroma, and taste of tea. On this page I will put together some information on water in tea brewing.

Where do you get your water? The main sources of water for tea brewing are tap water, commercial bottled water, or water gathered from a spring. Tap water is frequently filtered with a gravity based pitcher or a system connected directly to the water line.

Collecting water from a spring (永生泉) on the west border of the Zhengyan area in Wuyishan. Many shop owners bring jugs to local springs to gather water to show their tea in the best light. Google Maps.

Mineral Composition of Water



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