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Shui Xian (水仙)

The name means "water narcissus". There are at least four different and fairly well known cultivars named shui xian. This page is about Fujian shui xian, the cultivar well known in Wuyishan with a long history, and widespread cultivation.

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Illustration of Chinese Oolong Tea, p72[1]

Growing Characteristics: The plant is tall, with obvious trunk and sparse branches. The leaves grow horizontally, and are oblong or oval shaped, 10.5 to 13.5 cm long and 4.0 to 4.6 cm wide. The leaves are dark green, flat and shiny, with the leaf tip gradually pointed and curling down. The teeth are sharp and deep. The buds and leaves are fatter, light green, with soft hairs. [1]

Tea Character: The dry leaves are thick and long. The aroma is clear, high, full bodied with narcissus fragrance. The taste is clear and refreshing, the soup color is orange and bright. Spring tea picked one bud and two leaves contains tea polyphenols 17.6%, amino acids 3.3%, caffeine 4.0%, and water 50.5%.[1]

Illustration of Chinese Oolong Tea, p73[1]


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