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Visit to Dehua Dragon Kiln

A dragon kiln is an ancient design for a wood fired kiln. It is a long tunnel up the gentle slope of a hill. The heat from the fire rises up the length of the kiln, drawing in oxygen and feeding the flames.

This dragon kiln is in Dehua, and has been operating for many years. It is fired twice a month, the majority of the space is filled with slip cast teapots from the factory at the base of the kiln.

Fresh castings ready to get trimmed and finished.
The top flash and the mold line are trimmed.
Detail: Trimming the mold line.
Scraps in the bin.
Next the handle is attached.
Holes punched for the strainer, and spout attached.
Finished Teapots
Teapots in the foreground, slip casting in the back left, trimming and finishing in the shadows.
The kiln.
Teapots are put in these trays (匣缽) to protect them from the ash.
One of the several doors to the kiln.
Inside the kiln.
Inside the teapots are stacked up.
Handmade items from local artists.
This kiln can fire about 18 thousand teapots per month.

Visting the ancient kiln site in Dehua was very interesting. We had a good time and learned a lot about the historic practices of the area. It is great that they are able to keep it going, and provide local artists an opportunity to fire their wares in a traditional manner.

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