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Traveling to Wuyishan to spend time with family and try tea.
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White Tea
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Type White Tea
Chinese 岩山牡丹
Origin Wuyishan, China
Year 2022
Pinyin Yánshān mǔdān

White Tea


This is tea from my Mom's cousin. It is from a garden near where our Lao Cong Shui Xian is, and has some similar characteristics. This is the second year we have this tea. It is produced as a special order item, and is from a better location and with better production skill than the other white teas we have had in the past.

This tea is refreshing. The character is soft and fluffy, with a clean flavor.

We are offering the tea in 50g packages this year. This tea is difficult to pack into the smaller size packages, and we believe does not benefit as much as the oolong tea does.

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