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Traveling to Wuyishan to spend time with family and try tea.
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Bai Jiguan
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Type Oolong
Chinese 白鸡冠
Origin Wuyishan, China
Harvest Spring
Year 2022
Pinyin Bái jīguān

Bai Jiguan


You don't have to be an expert to tell a Bai Jiguan bush apart from the rest in the spring. The new leaves are a much lighter green than any other tea. A quick look at the finished leaves confirms this fact, this tea is quite different than the other Wuyi oolongs.

Fresh slightly vegetal aroma like a green tea. This Bai Jiguan is a bit lower oxidation than our other yancha. The dry leaves have a nutty, deep, and somewhat woody fragrance. The soup is rich and creamy, as if yancha was a green tea.