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Aged Da Hong Pao (1992)
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Type Oolong
Chinese 陈年大红袍
Origin Wuyishan, China
Year 1992
Pinyin Chén nián dàhóng páo

Aged Da Hong Pao (1992)


This tea is from the shop of one of my mom's friends. I first tried the tea about five or six years ago when I was working in his shop.

An aged Da Hong Pao produced in 1992. This is a yancha for fans of aged puerh. The first brew, pictured, is quite clear and a beautiful red color. Throughout the steeps the tea transitioned to a orange yellow color. The first steeps had a distinct aged tea flavor, the yancha nature became evident around the fourth, fairly quick, steep. The tea is fairly sweet, and slightly cooling in the top back of the mouth.

Once we finished brewing in a gaiwan, we tossed the leaves in the kettle and boiled them. The boiled tea was quite nice, with a good bamboo leaf flavor.

Note: My mom packed the newest shipment in 8g bags instead of 10g. Pricing updated accordingly.