I grew up in Wuyishan, China. Where Da Hong Pao tea is from and home to the original bushes on Wuyi Mountain. Like most people in Wuyishan, my family is in the tea business. Our farm is located up on a mountainside above the farmland which grows rice and vegetables, a few km away from the famous cliffs. When processed at my uncles tea factory the leaves are transformed into the beautiful twists and deep brown color of Wuyi oolong tea.

When I moved to California I thought that tea would no longer be such a big part of my life. Before long I decided to start Old Ways Tea Company in order to share Wuyi culture and tea. The name Old Ways Tea is a reminder that tea is a drink with a rich cultural tradition. This store can help you be a part of that tradition by providing access to a variety of tea and teaware.

Focus on Teas From Wuyi Mountains

I only wish to offer products for sale which I know best. When that comes to tea, that is only the teas from Wuyishan. I know that land well and feel confident to offer it's product for sale.

Our Promise

Additionally we promise to only sell products we enjoy and to answer all questions to the best of our ability. Send us an email anytime at: mengfei@oldwaystea.com

Hillside green with tea and bamboo


I'm from Wuyishan, China and live in the USA. I sell tea from my family's farms. You won't find tea from all over China here, only tea from the Wuyi mountains, since that is what I know best. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get in touch! Email me at mengfei@oldwaystea.com


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