Zhengyan Huangpian
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Zhengyan Huangpian

My mother tossed me a clear plastic bag the size of a pillow case. It was lighter than it looked. She said the leaves were the huangpian left over from a batch of Zhengyan tea. The leaves are large, they would not fit in the standard oolong tea bags. Instead I used the same bags I used for the Qi Lan maocha. I filled up a handful of the large bags with at least 30g each.

The flavor is interesting and about what you would expect. Of course it tastes like huangpian; it is a bit fresh in the mouth and has some more woody flavors. That is not all though, owing to its zhengyan origin this tea has some great Wuyi tea characteristics.

Each order is for one bag with at least 30g of zhengyan huangpian in it.
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