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Zhengyan Da Hong Pao
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Type Oolong
Chinese 天庚大红袍
Origin Wuyishan, China
Harvest Spring
Year 2020
Pinyin tiān gēng dà hóng páo

Zhengyan Da Hong Pao


The bag says "Tian Geng Da Hong Pao". Tian Geng is a shop where Mengjiao first got a serious start in tea. Mengjiao missed the shop's tea, and decided to get some this year. The tea was handmade using material form the zhengyan area. A rou gui from this producer was featured in the February 2021 tea club box.

The dry leaf has a pleasantly clear fruity aroma: "peach". The soup is sweet and juicy, though balance by present astringency and bitter notes from the roast. Across the session the peach fragrance became very clear on the gaiwan lid and then transitioned towards more of a floral "lan hua" (orchid) aroma.

Note: The price per gram has been adjusted to take into account that these are packed as 9g bags, not 8g.