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Yu Hua Dong Rou Gui
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Type Oolong
Chinese 玉华洞肉桂
Origin Yu Hua Dong, Wuyishan
Harvest Spring
Year 2021
Pinyin yùhuadòng ròuguì

Yu Hua Dong Rou Gui


One of my tea major friends from college made this tea. Although he does not come from a tea making family, he was able to obtain a degree in Tea Science from Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University. After graduating he built a small tea factory in Wuyishan and has remained dedicated to improving his craft. We have had a few of his teas in the shop in recent years.

He purchased leaves from Yu Hua Dong in the Zhengyan area and made the tea by hand at his factory. This tea was processed to be a bit more fragrant for a rou gui and has a woody orchid fragrance. The tea has been charcoal roast three times, most recently near the end of October. I enjoy the transition of the fragrance between the first and the last steeps.