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Aged Da Hong Pao (2008)
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Year 2008
Type Aged Oolong
Chinese 陈年大红袍
Pinyin Chén nián dàhóng páo
Origin Wuyishan
Roast Charcoal

Aged Da Hong Pao (2008)


This Da Hong Pao (大红袍) also known as Big Red Robe tea has been carefully aged in Wuyishan for 8 years, and then roasted again. The tea was produced in the spring 2008 season. The tea was roasted recently, and has a strong roast flavor. This tea exhibits much of the characteristics of aged tea. Like any aged product there is a trade off between time spent aging and the cost. This 8 year aged da hong pao provides a reasonable balance and is a good entry point into aged Wuyi teas.

Update January 2018: This tea has improved considerably over the last couple years. It has gotten smoother as the last roast has mellowed. The finish is a little sharp with a slight bitterness not unlike a dark chocolate. The fragrance is warm, sweet and clean.