Winter Shui Xian
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Type Oolong
Chinese 水仙
Origin Wuyishan, China
Year 2018
Pinyin Shuǐxiān
Harvest Winter

Winter Shui Xian

This tea was produced towards the end of 2018. It is from the same bushes as our other shui xian, but is from the winter harvest. Winter teas are known for having a smooth feel and a strong fragrance. It is said that if you like Qi Lan then you will enjoy any variety in the winter. Winter productions are less sought after and correspondingly command a lower price on the market. Since the time from summer harvest to winter harvest is shorter than the time from winter harvest to spring harvest the flavor does not have as much depth as the spring harvest. Secondly, winter teas are known to not get as many steeps as spring harvests. For these reasons winter teas generally sell for about half as much as a spring harvest. In my opinion the price does not reflect that these winter teas can be quite good.

This winter shui xian is nice. It has good fragrance and smooth flavor. The normal shui xian flavors are present, but it also has a slight nuttiness. The tea has been roast using an electric roaster three times. A winter tea needs a lighter roast than a spring tea. This tea is quite enjoyable now.

We have decided to offer this tea in a large 50g bag, as seen in the pictures.


$ 0.11

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