Wild Style Black Tea - Premium
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Year 2016
Type Black
Chinese 野生红茶
Pinyin Yěshēng hóngchá
Origin Tongmu Masu
Harvest Spring

Wild Style Black Tea - Premium

This wild style black tea is from high mountains above Tongmu village located in the Wuyishan Biodiversity Protection area. A strong but clean floral fragrance is present. The tea is described as wild style due to the conditions in which the trees are allowed to grow. The trees are by no means wild, they are still intentionally grown from known cultivars, but are spaced more widely and allowed to grow more how they please. They are not forced into the neat rows that make cutting more efficient.

Update 2017: Over the last year this tea has become by far my favorite black tea. It has a distinct aroma and flavor which I can best describe as blueberries. This flavor is present in most high mountain Wuyi black teas, but this tea displays it better than any other I have tried. Brewed normally the tea is light, smooth, with full mouth feel. When brewed extremely heavy a gentle bitter taste emerges without any other interesting developments. This tea was grown in the village of Masu, which is located in the mountains above Tongmu at an elevation of 1250 meters.

One customer's review, posted with their permission: "Blueberries, lovely sweetness that lingers forever, great body, beautiful colour. I could easily drink it every day."


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