Rou Gui Stems
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Type Oolong
Chinese 肉桂茶梗
Origin Wuyishan
Year 2017
Pinyin Ròuguì chá gěng
Roast Unroast

Rou Gui Stems

These stems were pulled during the selection process. They have been processed like the rest of the tea, but have not been roast. I would likely have trouble convincing the rest of the family to pay for the labor to roast stems. Maybe if this batch sells well I will invest more effort next year.

The flavor is interesting and I've enjoyed trying them a few times. These stems are very as-is and will likely require breaking and squishing a bit to get them in a gaiwan. The flavor is a bit more woody and plant like but definitely has tea fragrance.

Each bag is at minimum 30g of Rou Gui stems.
$ 5.60

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