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Rou Gui - Premium
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Type Oolong
Chinese 肉桂
Origin Wuyishan
Year 2017
Pinyin Ròuguì
Roast Charcoal

Rou Gui - Premium


Premium grade Rou Gui, grown in higher mountains in the banyan area. The farm is located in the hills above Chenduncun village (程墩村) at an elevation of 640 meters.

The tea's fragrance sweet, with a slight peach aroma, and a clear Rou Gui cinnamon scent. As September 2017, the roast is still a bit fresh. The tea is not bitter when brewed to a normal strength and has a slight astringency that brings out the mineral flavors of rock teas. This tea has an energy that you can feel in your teeth and will make your mouth water with intrigue.

Update 6/17/2018: The packaging has changed, no longer are the brown and red bags available.

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