Qi Lan - Unroast
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Year 2017
Type Oolong
Chinese 走水奇兰
Pinyin Zǒu shui qí lán
Origin Wuyishan

Qi Lan - Unroast

This tea is from the exact same batch as the normal charcoal roast 2017 Qi Lan. It has not been roast at all, neither charcoal or electric roast. Instead it is the tea after being selected from the maocha. In Wuyishan we call this zoushui Qil Lan (走水奇兰). When compared to the charcoal roast this unroast tea still has some green and yellow color to it. When brewed it has a powerful clear fragrance.

Since both teas are from the same batch it is possible to compare them and better understand what roasting does to the tea.


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