Qi Lan Tea Master's Set
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Qi Lan Tea Master's Set

Not everyone can travel to visit the tea fields and taste the tea during production. We created this sample set to let you try the tea fresh after processing, after selection, and after roasting.

The fresh leaves arrive at the factory and need to be processed into tea. Once the basic processing is complete the product is called maocha. Maocha is then separated into its components: stems, yellow leaves, and tea leaves. Buyers will come to the factories and try the maocha. If they like it and decide to buy they can purchase the maocha as-is to select and roast on their own terms, or purchase with the condition that the factory select and roast the tea before delivery.

Selection is the process of separating the maocha into three or four bins. The basics are stems, yellow leaves, and tea leaves. Since in Wuyishan the tea leaves are the most valuable selection occurs before roasting to reduce wasted effort and expense roasting low value products. As this tea has not been roasted some leaves appear a bit green and are not the uniform black of finished tea.

Finally, included is the finished Qi Lan tea. This tea has been roasted in the traditional manner over charcoal. The roast is fresh and strong. Although many people let roasted tea sit for a number of months to let the roast settle before drinking, tea master and buyer must taste the tea fresh to decide the quality.

The maocha, selected leaves, and finished Qi Lan tea all come from the same batch of wet leaves. As the tea was processed a small quantity was pulled out of the maocha and selection process to make this set. Because of that, there are a limited number of Qi Lan tea master sets available, and once sold there will be no more from this year's production.

One 25+/-5g Bag of:

  • Qi Lan Maocha

Three 8g Bag of each:

$ 22.00

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