Organic Wuyi White Tea
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Type White
Chinese 白茶
Origin Wuyishan
Harvest Spring
Year 2016

Organic Wuyi White Tea

White tea is very uncommon in Wuyshan. Nearly everyone processes their tea into one of the common varieties available, following traditional methods, since there is a large market for them. When I asked why this year he has white tea and not the excellent organic Da Hong Pao he let me sample in the past he asked me to think about the difficulties in sourcing certified organic bamboo charcoal. We need not concern ourselves with that problem since his difficulties have lead us down an interesting avenue.

This is a Wuyi grown Chinese certified organic tea. Inspection of the leaves reveals the fine hairs characteristic of white teas. The color of the leaves ranges between green and brown. The leaves have some natural curling on the edges, but are otherwise mostly flat.


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