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Niu Rou Huang Pian
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Type Oolong
Chinese 牛肉黄片
Origin Niu Lan Keng, Wuyishan
Year 2020
Pinyin Niúròu huángpiàn

Niu Rou Huang Pian


Near the end of 2020 we bought some Niu Lan Keng Rou Gui from a relative who has tea trees there. We asked if they still had any huang pian left from processing the harvest. They did, and agreed that we could have some. The leaves were then charcoal roast by my uncle that makes our old tree Shui Xian.

This tea is something special. In Wuyishan, huang pian has no real market as a tea. Unless it is from a famous garden it is often sold very cheaply. This particular tea is usually given in small amounts as a gift for good customers.

There is no mistaking that this is huang pian—it has the characteristic flavor, lack of longevity, and the leaves are so fluffy you may feel like you are cooking spaghetti trying to get them in the gaiwan. The characteristics that make the garden so famous are still present, in both the fragrance and the energy of this tea. I recommend brewing gongfu style, when brewed in a mug this tea loses its special character.

Note: The leaves are in a brown bag, similar, but not exactly as pictured.