Smoked Black Tea
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Year 2016
Type Black
Chinese 烟熏小种
Pinyin Yān xūn xiǎo zhǒng
Country of Origin China
Harvest Spring

Smoked Black Tea

Known as yan xun xiao zhong in Wuyishan, this is zhen shan xiao zhong (similar to Old Tree Black Tea or the Wild Style Black Tea) that has been smoked in the traditional manner over pine branches to impart a smokey flavor.

The strong preference in the Chinese market is for unsmoked Wuyi black teas. Smoked teas have a "for export" connotation. Additionally, many Lapsang Souchong teas have an overwhelmingly strong or acrid smoke flavor.

I found out about this tea after hearing some family members remarking on how surprised they were by the quality. My cousin produced this batch in the mountains above Tongmu. The smoke flavor is strong, but clean. The first steep may give you the impression of cooking breakfast over a pine fire, but the smoke flavor quickly mellows out, and becomes well balanced with the sweetness of the black tea and mineral flavors.

Anyone who enjoys other smoked products should give this a try. The tea is quality and well smoked, but not subtle!


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