Jin Jun Mei
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  • Jin jun mei
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Year 2016
Type Black
Chinese 金骏眉
Pinyin Jīn jùn méi
Country of Origin China
Harvest Spring

Jin Jun Mei

Jin jun mei is the most sought after of the Wuyi black teas. The name means "golden eyebrows" and it is processed from a bud only pluck. Since the buds must be plucked by hand the production is labor intensive. The buds are given a slight twist in production producing the black streaked with gold appearance. This is authentic Jin Jun Mei produced near Tongmu. The origin of this tea is within both the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve and the designated region for protected origin status of Wuyi black tea.

The producer I work with has informed me that they have sold their entire 2016 harvest. I have very little Jin Jun Mei available, but more should become available after harvest and processing, mid 2017.


$ 1.11

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