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Huang Mei Gui Comparison Set
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Huang Mei Gui Comparison Set


This comparison set is between a hongcha and a yancha produced from the same garden during the same harvest. These teas were featured in the tea club earlier this year. The hongcha was made on April 4th 2021, while the yancha was made about two weeks later on the 16th. This timing is fairly typical, hongcha is produced while the leaves are smaller and yancha with larger leaves.

I was immediately interested when I first heard about these teas. Each tea is obviously quite different. In a side by side comparison there is no risk of confusion. What is interesting is how much they can be compared. A session drinking these side by side was a joy. I experienced something smooth in the transition between a sip of one and then the other.

The comparison set contains three bags each of the black tea (3x5g) and the oolong tea (3x8g), for a total of 39g of tea. The average price is $0.36/g.

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