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Guo Xiang Rou Gui
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  •     2019  guo xiang rou gui
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Type Oolong
Chinese 果香肉桂
Pinyin Guǒ xiāng ròuguì
Origin Wuyishan, China
Harvest Spring
Year 2019
Local Dialect

Guo Xiang Rou Gui


The name "guo xiang" (果香) means fruit fragrance. Dry leaf has a full yancha aroma. The soup has a clear rou gui fragrance and a nice fruitiness. The sweetness is balanced by the roast. Smooth and full throat fragrance, with some subtle creaminess.

When I first tried this tea, the first infusion had a bit of what I call a "wet leaf" flavor—like is common in Huang Guan Yin. The roast was too fresh. After another month or two the tea has improved greatly and is ready to drink, though I expect continued rest will further improve this tea.

Update: Trying this tea again, and I am impressed. Early steeps are well balanced, with a good fruit fragrance. A longer steep revealed a nice almost cocoa flavor.

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