Da Hong Pao Gaiwan
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  • Dsc 6502
  • Dsc 6504


Capacity 100-110 ml

Da Hong Pao Gaiwan

This small white porcelain gaiwan has 大红袍 (Da Hong Pao) written on it. These gaiwans are often used in Wuyishan, origin of the Da Hong Pao tea legend. You will receive the gaiwan with lid and saucer as shown.

Matching cups are available: Short Round Teacup or Taller Teacup

Update 3/6/2019: The remaining stock is not perfect, though completely serviceable. The saucers have little indentations around the edge. The indentations on the remaining saucers are poorly spaced and thus look more like chips than decorations! The gaiwains are nice, some may have minor defects on the feet, but otherwise very good surface finish and should be able to provide many enjoyable tea sessions. I was going to discontinue this product, but due to request have decided to reduce the price instead and update the description.
$ 7.25

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