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Da Hong Pao
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Type Oolong
Chinese 大红袍
Country of Origin China
Year 2015
Roast Charcoal
Local Dialect

Da Hong Pao


Da Hong Pao is central to the vibrant tea culture of Wuyishan. Visitors are often related the tale of how Da Hong Pao came to be. There is an excellent show to watch called "Impressions Da Hong Pao which tells the story in an unbelievably spectacular fashion. For a tea drinker, what is Da Hong Pao? This name means many different things to different people and may seem inscrutable.

At it's base, and to the tea farmer, Da Hong Pao is a name for a mix of teas that represent a balanced impression of what Wuyi tea should be. This is one such mixed tea, and I believe a fairly good and cost effective one at that. The material is from my family's farms and has been blended to achieve a balanced flavor. This tea is not too picky about brewing paramters. It does not seem to get bitter fast and develops a good mouth feel in short and longer brews. The 2015 roast has had time to settle and can be enjoyed now.

Update 6/15/2020: Back in stock!

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