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Chunzhong Da Hong Pao
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  • 2021  chunzhong  da hong pao
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Type Oolong
Chinese 纯种大红袍
Origin Wuyishan, China
Harvest Spring
Year 2021
Pinyin chúnzhong dà hóng páo

Chunzhong Da Hong Pao


A couple years back we first offered the 2019 production of this tea in the shop. Unfortunately, one of the boxes was lost in shipping and only a small amount arrived, which quickly sold out. The following year we decided to feature the 2020 production in the tea club. Now the 2021 production is available on our shop.

This tea is from my sister’s godmother’s tea garden near the south gate of the Zhengyan area. Her shop specializes in higher roast teas, in particular “zu huo” [1]. The transition from medium roast to zu huo is fairly easy to identify, the higher temperature creates a characteristic dried fruit fragrance on the dry leaves. The name chúnzhong dà hóng páo (纯种大红袍) means that the tea is of a single cultivar, usually Qi Dan, rather than a blend.

This tea features a prominent and powerful zuhuo roast with a character to back it up. It has a rich flavor and good lasting fragrance.