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2020 Uncommon Variety Sample
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2020 Uncommon Variety Sample


An assortment of 17 bags of tea from our 2020 spring harvest. This box focuses on less common varieties. Some of these have a long history and others are from more recent tea development projects. One fun aspect is that some of these teas clearly combine notable characteristics of the famous cultivars. For example, you might notice the rou gui spice where you don't expect it. Each bag is 8g, so this sample pack contains about 136g of tea.

This sample set is priced at a 20% discount compared to buying each tea as an individual sample.

Two Bags Each

  • Purple Da Hong Pao (zi hong pao)
  • Dan Gui
  • Fo Shou
  • Que She
  • Jin Mu Dan (2nd roast)
  • Chun Lan
  • Aijiao Oolong

One Bag

  • Huang Mei Gui
  • Xiao Hong Pao (little red robe)
  • Jin Yaoshi

Note: The picture is a placeholder from last year. I'll update it shortly!

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