White Tea
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Type White
Chinese 岩山牡丹
Pinyin Yánshān mǔdān
Origin Wuyishan, China
Year 2018
Harvest Spring

White Tea

Sun dried white tea. Slightly fresh on the throat and nose with a good fragrance. If you are familiar with our black teas and like white tea this could be a good choice. This white tea is fairly smooth and the sweetness hits early.

The 2016 harvest was the last offered. This 2018 white tea is from the same farm and was produced by the same tea master. If you are familiar with the previous tea, I would like to point out a couple changes this year. The number of stems was increased as well as the package size. Previously sold as 6g, this year is about 7.5g.

This tea is certified organic by the Chinese standards.

Note: The purchase options show the weight as if it was 6g per bag. Each bag really has over 7g of tea, but the pricing is based on 6g.


$ 0.47

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